Duk Container Pools Hottubspas are proudly made in the USA

Imagine using something for a very different purpose other than what it was originally intended for. Shipping containers were once used solely by the shipping industry for the storage, shipment, and handling of cargo. Given a shipping containers strength, durability, and ease of transportation it is a dynamic and viable means of creating a “plug-n-play” pool for all types of landscapes.


We are dedicated to quality and craftsmanship.

If you have always dreamt of having your very own backyard swimming pool, using a Dukcontainerpools and spa will be a highly cost-efficient and quick solution. We purchase brand new16′ ,20,25,30′ and 40 ft containers to create glamorous swimming pools. We modify the length, width and height of our containers to accommodate a fiberglass shell which is second to none in the pool industry. The beauty lies in combining the strength and durability of the shipping container and the longevity of the fiberglass shell.

Duk Container Pools Hottubspas are easy to install and cost efficient to operate.

Duk Container Pools Hottubspas with Premium Fiberglass Interiors

Custom Designs to Fit Your Needs

We work with home owners, contractors, pool builders and developers to design and fabricate custom shipping container pools. With multiple interior designs as well as lengths and width options, you are certain to find your perfect fit. Below are just a few design examples we offer.

Superior Materials

Duk Container Pools Hottubspas are the best of both worlds. Using an engineered, self supporting shipping container paired with a state of the art fiberglass shell, our shipping container pools are a match made in pool paradise. With proper care and balancing of the pool water, your Duk Container Pools Hottubspas will last a very long time.